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The 13th season of
Singers Of United Lands
will be announced here soon...

S.O.U.L. 2016...

SOPRANO from ?

ALTO from ?

TENOR from ?

BASS from ?


S.O.U.L. 2015

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Thank you for a great 12th season!

Gaspard, Wiki, Nataly, Mehdi, and Omar


Developing international
and cultural relationships
through vocal music
from around the world!

Singers Of United Lands is a vocal quartet- each of the four members is from a different continent! 
This ensemble only perform songs
which are native to the home countries of the four members
while offering
interactive multicultural workshops, presentations, and performances
or audiences of ALL ages.




S.O.U.L. 2015 CD- $15
Cameroon, Ecuador, Iranand Thailand


S.O.U.L. 2014 CD- $5
Special Inventory BLOWOUT Price- Just $5/CD

Croatia, Nigeria, Taiwan, Uruguay